2008 BMW M3 Videos   
2008 BMW M3 Videos   

This one was captured in Arizona involving actually a couple new M3s. Its pretty cool and you do hear the shifting of the V8!

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M3 Caught On Tape In Calabasas

I got the new m3 taped for a good 3 vids on my phone, they should be uploaded to my comp tonite so they should get on the site by tomorrow!!! The car wasn't smg but stick and a chick was drivin' it!~ The V8 sound made me shiver, wow this thing is twice as good as the old one. I uploaded it to youtube, but theirs NO SOUND, I duno why. This was taped on Ventura Blvd while the 2008 BMW M3 was headed for Calabasas, the bitch was tryin' to escape us!

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Second BMW M3 video is done, it's very similar to 1st but hey its more M3 <3. I won't be posting the 3rd one because it'll spoil it w/o sound, the front end gets caught on tape too!! omg so nice in person I wanted to jump on the hood!! The files originally formatted as a QuickTime file (3GGP2) its called a Movie Importer, its basically coming from a Sprint Blade phone.

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Following M3 on Ventura Blvd Towards Calabasas. This video captures for a short time a closer view of the new BMW M3.

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