BMW Unveiled: The new 2007 BMW E92 335i and 328i Coupes.
BMW Unveiled: The new 2007 BMW E92 335i and 328i Coupes.

BMW has officially unveiled the new 2007 BMW 335i and 328i coupes, which arrive in U.S. showrooms this September. The 335 has a new 300 horsepower inline six-cylinder with twin-turbochargers, high-precision fuel injection, and an all-aluminum crankcase, pushing the car to 60 mph in just 5.3 seconds. The 335i Coupe will be joined in the U.S. by the 230 horsepower 328i Coupe, which hits 60 mph in 6.2 seconds. In addition to the standard six-speed manual, both models will be offered with an available six-speed Steptronic automatic transmission. The 2007 3-Series coupe also includes the option of xDrive all-wheel drive for the first time ever in a BMW coupe. It will be available this fall in the 328xi Coupe. Adaptive Xenon headlights and Horizontal LED taillights are standard equipment.


The new BMW 3 Series Coupe will arrive in the U.S. with a choice of two six-cylinder engines including the world's first inline six with twin turbos, high precision fuel injection, and an all-aluminum crankcase. It is the most powerful engine within BMW's wide range of inline six driving machines that does not wear an "M" badge. This brand-new version develops maximum output of 300 hp in US-spec from 3.0 liters and generates peak torque of 300 lb-ft for powerful acceleration in any situation.

Featuring high-precision fuel injection, the engine boasts a highly sophisticated and advanced direct fuel injection system. In true BMW fashion this results in outstanding performance combined with a significant reduction of fuel consumption.

A further advantage of turbocharging is that this is the most economical option to boost engine power and performance. For example, the turbocharged inline six weighs approximately 150 lbs less than an equally powerful eight-cylinder displacing 4.0 liters. And this lower weight means a significant advantage not only in fuel economy, but also in balancing the weight distribution of the overall car.

Featuring two turbochargers each supplying compressed air to three cylinders, the new turbocharged engine offers a new standard of spontaneity and responsiveness. Peak torque of 300 lb-ft comes smoothly and without delay, extending over a wide speed range from 1,400 - 5,000 rpm.

On the road, this power and torque result in outstanding performance. The 335i Coupe accelerates from 0 - 60 mph in just 5.3 seconds. This sense of urgency continues all the way to the electronically-limited top speed of 150 mph, when equipped with sport package.

This extremely efficient increase in power and performance is attributable in large part to gasoline direct injection. The high-precision fuel injection concept developed by BMW ensures a measurable advantage in fuel economy, without limiting the dynamic qualities of the engine.

To enhance this efficiency to an even higher level, the turbochargers are made of a particularly heat-resistant material which makes them immune to high exhaust gas temperatures in the interest of a fuel-efficient combustion process particularly under full load. As a result, the twin turbo technology in the BMW 335i Coupe represents a significant achievement in terms of both performance and fuel economy. The advantages over a conventional turbocharged engine are not only clearly measurable, but also easy to feel on the road.

BMW's new twin-turbo inline six is making its debut in the new 335i Coupe. One cannot overlook the new 328i Coupe with its normally-aspirated inline six-cylinder engine. This is the latest model to take advantage of BMW's weight-saving blend of magnesium and aluminum for the crankcase. The cylinder head cover and the bedplate are also made of aluminum. Fully variable Valvetronic valve management, an electric coolant pump and a fully controlled oil pump are features which serve to enhance the 328i Coupe's efficiency and responsiveness.

The new engine in the 328i Coupe offers 230 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque. With 0 - 60 mph acceleration in just 6.2 seconds, this new "entry-level" Coupe is quicker than the previous top-of-the-line 330Ci Coupe.

Both models come standard with a six-speed manual gearbox for the pure driving enthusiast. For those who prefer an automatic a six-speed Steptronic automatic is available. When ordered with the available sport package on the 335i Coupe, steering wheel mounted shift paddles are included, maximizing the sporting potential of the automatic.

The new six-speed Steptronic automatic uses an innovative torque converter and enhanced management software to improve shifting responsiveness. The response time of the automatic transmission on the new BMW 3 Series Coupe is down by approximately 40 per cent compared with a conventional automatic transmission. While fast, responsive gear changes can make driving more fun, the optimized selection of the appropriate gear for all driving conditions helps to reduce fuel consumption. This new automatic is a textbook example of BMW's pursuit of Efficient Dynamics.

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